Drainage & Rain Water Harvesting


Drainage is a problem for many homes in the Bozeman and Big Sky area. Whether the surrounding property is higher in elevation than yours or you just have low spots with negative drainage,  every landscape has areas where poor drainage can cause costly damage to your investment.  With proper drainage you can reduce issues with insects, mold plant loss associated with over watering, and damage to structures.

Forever Green will design grade combined with water catchment devices to capture the water and direct it away from any important structures.  For existing landscapes with drainage issues we also can implement a design that specifically solves your problem.

Forever Green offer’s the following drainage solutions:

  • Wet and Soggy yards made dry
  • Installation and replacement of french drains & down spout drainage systems
  • Retention Ponds (Installation and Repair)
  • Grade Changes

Rain Water Harvesting:

Going green has become increasingly popular recently.  If you are ready to do your part, why not try Rainwater Harvesting?  Recycling rainwater can reduce the use of water consumption for landscape irrigation thus saving you valuable money spent on water.  Rain water harvesting is the capture and storage of rainwater using drains and diversion slopes. It is a great idea for large commercial landscapes as well as residential. Water recycling storage can be incorporated into your landscape quite easily using water features and design techniques or they can be hidden and buried out of sight.

The idea of Rainwater Harvesting is truly catching on, but might seem a little over whelming.  Let the experts at Forever Green help you with your ideas, design and installation of your Rain Water Harvesting System.