Soft Scapes

Soft Scaping refers to the living elements of a landscape. Forever Green Landscaping uses trees,
shrubs, grasses, flowers and other living plant material to create an outdoor living environment that will reflect your style and mood.  We also use all these things to add texture, color and contrast to your landscape.

A nice lawn area is an inviting part of your home or business and creates a perfect floor for your outdoor play area.  From the  installation of water efficient sprinkler systems, to the prep and installation of proper soils and test proven sods and seeds,  Forever Green Landscaping is an expert with all aspects of turf management.

Proper use of softscaping can do a number of things to your property.  Whether you want to reclaim your native landscape,  create some privacy and shade, or just emphasize your home and add to its value, the planting of living things can be very beneficial.