The Devrie Residents Landscape Project

This landscape project was a new construction located in Spanish Peaks, Big Sky.  This project presented several landscape challenges from the start.  The house is built on a steep North facing slope and before the landscaping was installed the property held very large amounts of water in the driveway and up against the house in almost all areas.  On three sides of the house slopes were so steep that they were unnavagatable and erosion was a major issue.   We solved the navigation problem with a series of stone staircases and walkways.  This helped with both the steep slopes and by directing foot traffic onto designated areas and off the remaining landscape.  To solve the drainage and erosion issues we built several moss covered boulder retaining walls and changed grade around the entire house including the driveway so there was positive drainage away from the house and diverted all the water into dry creek drainage ditches.

Landscape Materials

Stone:  Frontier Flagstone, Native Moss Boulders

Trees:  Colorado Spruce, Quacking Aspen,  Canada Red Choke Cherry, BristleCone Pine

Shrubs:  Peking Cottoneaster, Burgundy Carousel Barberry, Snowmound Spirea, Goldmound Spirea, Buffalo Juniper,

Perennials:  Karl Forrester Grass,  Blue Oat Grass, Orange Coneflower, Magnus Echinicea, Stella Daylilly, Monarda, Seedums

Grass:  Blugrass/Fescue blend sod,  Wheatgrass/Fescue blended grass seed.

Sprinkler System:  Rainbird

Edgecomb Residence Landscape

Redesigned-planting-bedThis landscape project was previously landscaped, and Forever Green was hired to redesign and revamp the existing landscape. We wanted to incorporate what was originally installed and enhance it to give the clients the most landscape value for their dollar. There were two main landscape challenges for the Edgecombs residence. The first was a number of live springs that ran all year throughout the property that were eroding much of the property including the driveway. The second was the steepness of the driveway and the blind corners that dropped off to the woods. To solve the first problem we excavated the runoff areas into ditches all the way to the source of each spring. Then we lined the ditches with a HDPE pond liner and covered with natural stone. This conjugated the water to designated paths away from the house and driveway and also gave a very nice looking landscape feature. We solved the second problem by building moss boulder retaining walls to widening the driveway and create a barrier on the steep sharp corners.

Forever Green also revamped the existing planting beds with new edging, mulches, and plantings. We also ran through and improved upon the existing sprinkler system.

Landscape Materials

Stone: Native Moss Boulders, Natural Stone collected on site.

Trees: Colorado Spruce, Quacking Aspen, Canada Red Choke Cherry, Fat Albert Spruce

Shrubs: Common Choke Cherry Shrub, Arctic Willow, Goldmound Spirea

Perennials: Blue Oat Grass, Russian Sage, Orange Coneflower, Magnus Echinicea, , Seedums

Grass and Seed: Wheatgrass/Fescue blended grass seed, Wild Flower Seed

Sprinkler System: Rainbird

Denman Residence Spanish Peaks, Big Sky

Forever Green recently received a nice testimonial from the Denman Family.

“I want to write you  regarding the excellent work your company Forever Green has completed for us at our home in Big Sky Montana.  Your landscape plan and implimentation of that plan has been exceptional.  You hand selected the trees and appropriate plantings and delivered on the dry creek beds, jackpine fences and boulder flowers as promised.  We are excited to work with you further in some rock walkways and additional plantings for our mountain home.  Looking forward to seeing you and working with you and your company into the future!”


David and Pat Denman

Black Bull Golf Course, Bozeman

Thesing Residence, Bozeman Montana

Stilwills Residence